A cyberbullying disaster: Who is Megan Meier?

The Internet is a huge resource, but it can also lead to disasters, incidents, and tragedies. The Megan Meier case, which took the world by storm along with the USA, is one of the best examples of how even the simplest things can have terrible consequences on the internet.

By Stephen McWright Published on 1 Nisan 2024 : 16:29.
A cyberbullying disaster: Who is Megan Meier?

On October 17, 2006, 13-year-old girl Megan Meier received a message from Josh Evans that read, "The world would be better without you." Megan, who had feelings for Josh despite never having met him, was found dead in her bedroom closet 20 minutes later.

What makes this story even more tragic is that Josh Evans doesn't actually exist.

Lori Drew and her daughter made up the person named Josh Evans to find out what Megan thought about her daughter. According to Drew, the last messages were aimed at ending this game. Drew was arrested in 2008 for computer fraud and abuse but was acquitted in 2009.

Megan Taylor Meier (November 6, 1992 – October 17, 2006) was an American teenager who died by suicide by hanging herself three weeks before her 14th birthday. A year later, Meier's parents prompted an investigation into the matter, and her suicide was attributed to cyberbullying through the social networking website MySpace. Lori Drew, the mother of a classmate of Meier, was found guilty of cyberbullying in the 2009 case United States v. Drew. However, her conviction was overturned by the judge.

Details of the story

Megan Meier is a fourteen-year-old girl. She somehow falls out with a girlfriend with whom she is on good terms, the other girl is very impressed by this incident, and her mother, inspired by this influence, forms an organized crime team: her fourteen-year-old daughter, her eighteen-year-old employee, and herself sit together and play together a sixteen-year-old girl that Megan might like. They are preparing a male profile.

They meet Megan by writing from the mouth of a kid who has just moved to that neighborhood and doesn't have many friends (via a fake account), they start chatting for 4-5 hours a day for a while after everything goes great for a few weeks, "I heard that Messages like "You are a bad person, you treat your friends badly" begin. As the dose of open insults escalates from publishing private correspondence on different websites, the girl tries to talk to her parents.

Just before Megan hangs herself, she fights with her mother, the mother gets angry because she can't stop looking at the internet, I think the daughter curses because she is angry, and when the mother sends her to her room, she hangs herself.

The mother who did the cyberbullying - Lori Drew -, the eighteen-year-old employee, and the woman's daughter are being interrogated by the police. The employee throws a nervous breakdown and explains everything that happened. It was through this incident that the first law regarding cyberbullying was passed, but the law was passed only after the mother was acquitted. But there are countless attacks on the woman's work, home, and car, there are demonstrations in front of her house where graves are visited and flowers are left almost every day for a year, she changes states and is not left alone there either.