President whose door was broken with a battering ram: Who is Dina Boluarte?

A police raid was carried out on the house of Peruvian President Boluarte because of the Rolex watches she did not declare as assets. During the raid carried out as part of the corruption investigation, the door of Boularte's house was broken with a battering ram.

By Stephen McWright Published on 30 Mart 2024 : 22:55.
President whose door was broken with a battering ram: Who is Dina Boluarte?

The Peruvian government called the raid "an intolerable disgrace."

Boluarte took office after leftist former President Pedro Castillo was imprisoned.

Peruvian people, who did not accept the Boluarte administration, organized street protests for weeks.

Many people lost their lives as a result of the harsh police interventions against the protesters demanding Castillo's freedom.

Who is Dina Boluarte?

Dina Ercilia Boluarte Zegarra (born May 31, 1962) is a Peruvian lawyer and politician who has served as president of Peru since December 7, 2022.

Dina Ercilia Boluarte Zegarra (born 31 May 1962) is a Peruvian politician, civil servant, and lawyer currently serving as the President of Peru since 7 December 2022. She had served as the first vice president and minister at the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion under President Pedro Castillo. She served as an officer at the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (RENIEC) from 2007 until 2022. With Boluarte assuming the presidency as the sole vice president, President of Congress Alejandro Soto Reyes is next in the line of succession.

President Pedro Castillo appointed her after his failed coup against himself. She is the first woman to become President of Peru and previously served as a RENIEC official from 2007 to 2022.

What is Boluarte's profession?

Boluarte was born on May 31, 1962 in Chalhuanca, Apurímac. She graduated as a lawyer from the University of San Martín de Porres and received a master's degree from this university.

She has been working as a lawyer and head of office at the National Identity and Civil Status Registry since 2007.

What are Boluarte's political failures?

In 2018, she failed to run for mayor of Lima's Surquillo district, representing the Free Peru party. She also participated in the extraordinary parliamentary elections for a Free Peru in 2020 but failed to win a congressional seat.

What are the milestones in Boluarte's life?

Born on May 31, 1962, in the town of Chalhuanca in the Apurimac region, Boluarte studied law at the University of San Martin de Porres.

Lawyer Boluarte began her political career in 2007 as a consultant at the state-run National Identity and Citizenship Status Registry Office.

Later, in 2018, she ran for mayor of Surquillo district in Lima province from the Marxist Free Peru party, but she was unsuccessful.

Even if the leftist politician participated in the parliamentary elections from the same party two years later, she could not reach a sufficient number of votes.

In the general elections in 2021, Boluarte ran for vice president alongside Castillo, who was running for president from the Free Peru party.

Castillo, who won the elections in the second round, later appointed Boluarte as her deputy on July 28, 2021. Boluarte also served as Minister of Development and Social Inclusion from July 29, 2021, to November 26, 2022.