The most decorated female snowboard cross athlete of all time: Who is Lindsey Jacobellis?

A five-time World Champion and ten-time X Games champion, she dominated the sport for nearly two decades. Also: the oldest Olympic champion in women's and men's snowboarding disciplines. She is the oldest American female athlete to win a gold medal in any sport at the Winter Olympics.

By Jane Dickens Published on 14 Mayıs 2024 : 22:26.
The most decorated female snowboard cross athlete of all time: Who is Lindsey Jacobellis?

Jacobellis was born on August 19, 1985. Growing up on the East Coast meant being exposed to almost all winter sports at a young age. And so it was; Her biggest supporter is her mother, who first started her older brother into snowboarding... Lindsey was only 11 years old when she started this sport after seeing it from her older brother. She competed in the X Games for the first time when she was 15, where she won the championship 10 times throughout her career.

Of course, like every athlete, her dream was to compete in the Olympics. She made her debut on stage at the Winter Olympics held in Toronto in 2006. She was shown as a favorite by the authorities.

Lindsey Jacobellis (born August 19, 1985) is an American snowboarder from Roxbury, Connecticut. The most decorated female snowboard cross athlete of all time, she dominated the sport for almost two decades as a five-time World Champion and ten-time X Games champion. In her Olympic debut at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Jacobellis won the silver medal in snowboard cross but was unable to medal at the next three Olympics until winning gold at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Jacobellis also won gold (with teammate Nick Baumgartner) in mixed team snowboard cross at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Half pipe races, an Olympic snowboarding style, are held on a 120 m long special track that resembles a half-cylinder cut lengthwise. Athletes accelerate on an 18% slope and move quickly by making certain movements by jumping from the edges. The aim is to reach the finish line as soon as possible by performing these difficult movements in a proper style…

So did Lindsey Jacobellis. It did not surprise the authorities who saw her as the favorite when the start was given. She widened the gap considerably. Everyone was certain that she would win. There were only 2 jumps left until the finish when Lindsey Jacobellis made a move that shocked the audience and fell. She recovered, but the gold medal had slipped away.

This was one of the most interesting second places in Olympic history. The wind suddenly turned for Lindsey Jacobellis, nicknamed “Lucky”. She would describe these moments by saying "Snowboarding is a fun sport, I just had fun"...

These extraordinary moments in Toronto remained in the headlines for days. However, the American athlete learned the necessary lesson from this incident. She managed to fit 6 World championships and 10 X Games championships into her career. Moreover, these achievements earned her the title of the snowboarder with the most medals in history.

History writes of champions, but with this extraordinary event, Lindsey Jacobellis' silver medal managed to become one of the unforgettable events of the 2006 Winter Olympics...