He was once the world's highest-paid CEO: Who is Lloyd Blankfein?

Lloyd Blankfein, who has become an international icon for the business world; is a proven figure in the fields of global trade, finance, and leadership.

By Jane Dickens Published on 7 ┼×ubat 2024 : 21:43.
He was once the world's highest-paid CEO: Who is Lloyd Blankfein?

Lloyd Blankfein became the world's highest-paid bank CEO in 2013. Thus, Blankfein regained the title of 'Highest-earning bank CEO' in 2013, which he lost to JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon in 2008, with an income of 23 million dollars.


Blankfein has 3 children named Alex Blankfein, Rachel Blankfein and Jonathan Blankfein.

Blankfein, who graduated from Harvard University, is known as a leading voice in the financial world.

Lloyd Craig Blankfein (born September 20, 1954) is an American investment banker who has served as senior chairman of Goldman Sachs since 2019, and chairman and chief executive from 2006 until the end of 2018. Previous to leading Goldman Sachs, he was the company's president and chief operating officer (COO) from 2004 to 2006, serving under then-CEO Henry Paulson.

After starting as a lawyer at Goldman Sachs in 1982, he was promoted to a partner position in 1988 and was appointed co-head of the Fixed Income department.

Then, with the establishment of the Money and Commodities Department in 1997, he started working in this department. Before assuming the role of CEO and Chief Executive Officer, he served as the firm's President and Chief Operating Officer.

Blankfein has twice been named one of the world's most influential people by Time magazine and won the "Financial Times Person of the Year" award in 2009.

Chairman & CEO Goldman Sachs Group, (2006-2018)

Blankfein, who successfully held the position of Goldman Sachs Group President and CEO until September 2018, which he started in 2006, led the company to regain its respected position in the world markets after the financial crisis. He currently continues to serve as a member of the Goldman Sachs Management Committee and Board of Directors.