American porn star whose trip to Iran caused controversy: Who is Whitney Wright?

American porn star Whitney Wright caused controversy when she went to Iran and posed in various places, including the Golestan Palace and the former US embassy in Tehran, which has been turned into an anti-American museum.

By Jane Dickens Published on 12 ┼×ubat 2024 : 15:09.
American porn star whose trip to Iran caused controversy: Who is Whitney Wright?

The actress' actions sparked outrage on social media channels in Iran.

The Palestinian supporter actress, whose real name is Brittni Rayne Whittington, shared photos of herself wearing a headscarf during her trip to Tehran.

Wright also visited the embassy where Iranian students held staff, hostage, for 444 days after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Following reactions and protests from Iranians, Wright's photos were deleted.

Whitney Wright (born September 20, 1991) is an American pornographic actress. She became subject of media attention January 2024 after visiting the Iranian capital city Tehran, the former Palace and the former American embassy of Tehran, where she posted of Islamic republic regime Islamic forced hijab dress code.

Wright closed the comments and said, "Comments have been closed because posting photos of my trip to Iran does not mean I approve of the government."

One of the photos showed Whitney Wright next to the US flag at the former US embassy in Tehran.

The photos circulating on X, Facebook, and Instagram sparked reactions from different segments of society.

Some Western commentators, citing the actress' "anti-Semitic" views, speculated that her visit to Iran could be a strategic move to provide financial support for her stance against Israel.

Despite working in pornography, the actress filmed herself in the Iranian capital, which made her face charges that carry the death penalty.

"I'm not in Iran anymore, I'm somewhere else," the actress shared on her Instagram story on Monday.

Official authorities in Iran did not respond to Wright's visit, but Iranian opposition media outlets criticized allowing the actress to enter Iran as a "clear double standard".

According to Iranian law, producing pornography is illegal and carries the death penalty.

US citizens also need a visa to visit the country, and it is not known how the actress obtained a visa.

US activist Masih Alinejad, who has been subject to assassination attempts by Iran, condemned Wright for making the trip and for the actress' alleged remarks saying "If you respect the law, you'll be safe in Iran."

"American porn star Whitney Wright is in Iran, the country where I was born, where women are killed just for showing their hair and being themselves," Alinejad commented on his social media account.

"Whitney posted several fully covered photos on Instagram. In her post, she called me a warmonger and told women, 'If you respect the law, you will be safe in Iran,'" Alinejad said.

The activist of Iranian origin commented, "Iranian women do not want to comply with a discriminatory law. Rosa Parks stood against racist laws in America and became a symbol of resistance. We Iranian women want to be like Rosa Parks, not like Whitney Wright. And by the way, the real warmongers are against yourselves." "It is the agents of the Islamic Republic who will execute you if you are honest," she continued.

Wright's visit follows nationwide protests over Iran's imprisonment of Nobel Peace Prize winner and women's rights activist Narges Mohammadi, as well as the country's mandatory hijab law and the death in custody of Mahsa Amini two years ago.


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